Dad’s Life Lessons

Back in June of 2000, Fred decided to make a list that he had typed up of quotes, knowledge and his experiences through life.
I guess he thought this was his “mantra” and was passing these points of interest onto us girls… It’s since been a topic of conversation, amusing and true as they maybe… For what it is, something to remember good ole’ Fred.


PERSISTENCE: Never, never, never give up! Most obstacles can be overcome, eventually.

CHANGE: the only constant is accelerating change! Be prepared to learn and adapt at an increasing rate.

FRIENDSHIP: Good friends are rare, can last a lifetime. Lucky to have two or three. Judge people by what they do, not what they say; talk is cheap.

WORRY: 99% of things are not worth the time and trouble. A hundred years from now, who will care or remember?

TIMING: Very important and is based partially on luck, but also judgment. Can not be forced and better to be a little ahead.

MENTAL STRENGTH: Think for yourself, you must be tough! “Life is great, as long as you don’t weaken”–Roy L. Epner

DECISIONS: Make them based upon instinct, knowledge, experience, and rationally—not emotionally. It is better to make a wrong decision than none. You will learn from your mistakes.

RISK/SECURITY: There is a direct relationship: more risk, more reward. Life is a risk. There are no guarantees. Security has a price: time, money, independence, etc.

WORK/CAREER: Find something you enjoy that is challenging. Don’t settle for less, especially when you are young.

INSTINCT: Go with your gut feelings, both mental and physical. A very high percentage will turn out to be the right choice.

TIME: Most precious resource we have. Don’t waste it! We cannot get more. Get and stay organized.

MONEY: Very important but will not bring happiness alone. Can enslave you to material things but can create greater freedom and independence.

FREEDOM/INDEPENDENCE: After time, our most precious commodity. Must try and maintain your personal and physical time from society’s nonsense.

GENDER DIFFERENCES: Men and women are different and not equal. Understand the difference and you will have greater success with people.

PERSPECTIVE/ PRIORITIES: Learn what is important and not important. This takes time, age, and wisdom. Hard to do but invaluable for life.

LOVE & HAPPINESS: Third most important thing. Don’t think it is normal or easy to find. When you do, feel fortunate, especially if it lasts for a long time.

COMMUNICATION: Learn to listen. Body language is most important. How something is said; tone is more important than what is said.

SUCCESS: Set achievable goals based upon your own criteria, not others. Be yourself.

RESPONSIBILITY: Accept it if you want to be treated equally. Admit when you are wrong.

thanks dad, words to live by

thanks dad, words to live by


  1. Heidi Chupp
    September 12, 2009

    I love it! Quotes from Fred to live by. I have a few down, but many more to work on. Thanks Fred.

  2. Maria Azuri
    September 12, 2009

    Thanks, Fred, didn’t know ya but inspiring thoughts…

  3. Melissa DeMore
    September 12, 2009

    What a gift he gave his two girls…and all of us who will be able to learn from his “Lessons”!! You both are so beautiful and talented, he must be very proud! My husband are I are friends of Liah’s in Sarasota and love her dearly. We will be lifting you and your dad up in the days ahead!

  4. Cheryl Elliott
    September 15, 2009

    Very inspiring words. My thoughts are with you Lori. xoxo C

  5. Lisa Purkey
    September 15, 2009

    My dear Lil Epner…I’m so sorry to hear about your loss.
    You’re dad was an amazing man and you’ve honorded him beautifully.
    I’m happy that you were able to go home to be him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    xoxo, Lp

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