Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

I seriously have the most amazingly talented friends. My bridesmaids along with help from friends and family- threw me the most memorable day.

It went by so fast and in such a blur that I’m thrilled I have these photos to share and look back on. The food, guests, decor and games were such a highlight.

Thanks Everyone!


Mr & Mrs to be…


These are some of my favorite foods. Rachael made everything by hand. She is multi-talented.


Yum Yum- you know these are what I live for! Thanks Andrea for making the dessert table stunning!


Sweet confection perfection!


Uniting the families.


Two of my bridesmaids- so talented. Thank You for making this day so special and amazing. I love you girls.


The newlywed game. Rachael asked Todd questions; I answered then we listened to what he had to say… apparently on this one I had no idea what he was going to say.


My beautiful brunette friends.


Just a few of the memorable moments…


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