Wood & Rock Seating Cards

Wood & Rock Seating Cards

Anyone that knows my husband… knows that he loves Rocks and Wood. It’s just his thing. Our house has wood paneling on the outside the yard has river rocks spaced all around, the interior walls in the front entry and guest bath are rock… So in keeping in the spirit and involving the fianc√© at the time when we were planning our seating cards, we came up with a plan to include wood and rocks.

Todd cut the wood rectangles and we hand-selected river rocks from around our house, he bought a saw and cut through the rocks in our front driveway a few weekends in a row. (If you do this we highly suggest a mouth mask) rock dust gets everywhere including in your lungs.

I used a spoon and fork stamp I had picked up from Paper source and black ink pad and silver ink pad. I like the idea of making the wedding party feel extra special and I feel like this was achieved by using the silver ink and the silver glitter tape that was also used in the invitation (also from paper source). All other guests and family had black ink and a black wasabi tape with the pink label. The table numbers were stamped as well, this gave it a finished feel.

The pink label was also used on the invitation and keeping with the same font family, I printed the names and table numbers on the labels. (I tried handwriting but it looked juvenile) so in an afternoon, once the wood & rocks were cut I was able to “stamp out” the majority of this project. To add one last detail, I added or seal/ stamp of the “B” on the back. The same “B” was used on the invitation envelopes so it tied back in.

I boxed up the wood cards and my M-I-L (mother in law) and mom assembled them onsite with a hot glue gun to hold the wood inside the rock.

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