Our Story


Lori graduates college and moves to California from Florida. Todd grew up in southern California. Both end up working in marketing for various Surf Industry brands. Through their work in the action sports Todd and Lori form friendships and working relationships with similar people, but not each other.

Their paths cross while traveling through airports, tradeshows, hotels and surf industry events. She thinks this short, mysterious guy is attractive—(she always see’s him wearing a backpack). Lori nicknames him “backpack boy.”

Todd finds the petite, brunette easy on the eyes but knows she is dating someone else (although his interest is quite piqued).

Lori (newly single) attends a Superbowl party with a friend. “Backpack boy,” is at this party. She makes a mental note to seek him out and find his real name. Todd notices a hottie at the Superbowl party and makes a mental note to ask the brunette’s friend- who the girl is, (he doesn’t realize it’s Lori). Todd departs the party before the two of them can connect…

On separate girl and guy trips to Mammoth with their friends, the pair continues to bump into each other’s parties throughout the course of the day. Snowboarding, on the chair lift, lunch on the mountain, at sushi for dinner and finally at the end of the night at Lakanuki bar (by this time both have had a few drinks). Lori spies Todd from across the bar and pulls him through the crowd (Todd is not upset). The pair, chat briefly, both realize they have dogs (something in common and a similar interest) and make a “date” to get the dogs together. Digits are exchanged. Todd gets high-fives from his friends.

Soon after, they go out on a handful of dates… it’s a snooze fest for both parties.
Lori is told by many friends that Todd is actually very funny (she does not think so at all). Todd is told Lori is a real firecracker and to watch out (he thinks she’s quite dull). After a good try the attempts fade and phone calls and dates cease…

JUNE 2006:
On a random mid-week day, Lori responds to a mass text sent by Todd.
His response back is funny, quick-witted and humorous. She is now intrigued. More texts, chuckles and smirks are exchanged and a casual date is suggested (She’s thinking maybe he is funny. He’s thinking maybe she does have some spark).

They do hit it off, sparks fly, fireworks go off and many, many laughs are had on the “re-set” date. They decide to become exclusive and their future has begun.

EARLY 2007:
Lori and Todd are dating, it is going well. She is surprised by how many common friends they have (although; Todd had been in the surf industry a long time). She brings up the Superbowl party that both had attended and asks, “Why did you leave the party?” (Todd caught off guard). “What are you talking about…?” (he doesn’t remember seeing “Lori” there). Lori says, I wanted to talk to you at the party but when I went to look for you, you were gone. Todd, dead in his tracks. “THAT WAS YOU?” Todd has now just put a missing link together. He noticed “the mystery brunette” at the Superbowl party but did not realize it was the girl he knew as “Lori.” After the realization sank in, Todd felt like the luckiest guy in the world, “2 FOR 1!” He had just found out his girlfriend and THE mystery girl from the Superbowl party, that he had occasionally daydreamed about, where now one and the same!

2008: Lori gives up her single bachelorette pad with roommates and moves in with her dog and 2-cats into Todd’s bachelor house (he dubs it The Farm). It takes just a few weeks for the dogs to become best friends and for her to take over the house…

2009-JUNE 20th, 2012:
Life, Loss, Love, Careers, Trips, Growth, Trial and Tribulations… Their foundation was built.

JUNE 21st, 2012:
Todd and Lori are planning to go away to Korakia Pensione Hotel to celebrate their 6-year anniversary for a long weekend. Before they leave, Todd suggests they walk the dogs (something they do daily). “Let’s take them for a long walk, since we will be gone.” They walk them to the back-bay.

The couple reach the top of look out point on a slightly overcast mid-morning walk. Todd kneels down to check out Coal, Lori is on her phone (most likely on Instagram). Todd says to Lori, “Hey I think Coal has something on his neck, maybe a tick.” Lori is slightly annoyed (rolls her eyes) and says, “that dog always has something wrong with him.” Todd asks Lori to come over and take a look… Begrudgingly she does. Todd begins to propose and is holding the most beautiful diamond ring she has ever seen (the dog did not have a tick). Lori proceeds to be overwhelmed and talks through the entire proposal…
Lori: “OMG, OMG, it that for me?” Todd: Still proposing
Lori: “Is this for real?”  Todd: Still proposing
Lori: “Are you proposing to me RIGHT NOW?!” Todd: Still proposing
Lori: “SHUT UP, No way!”
Todd: “Is that a yes?”
Lori: “YES… OMG, OMG… is that a CZ (cubic zircona)?”
Hugs, tears, stories and happiness prevail. She makes him repeat the proposal at least two more times, on the walk home.

MARCH 2013:
Lori and Todd are finally getting married! They are thrilled to have the celebration at Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs, a very special place for them and they look forward to starting their life together as husband and wife surrounded by their family & friends.


The Wedding was the best day of my life every detail, all the excitement, happiness, good friends and family came together to celebrate. The weather was perfect and we had so much fun. Time flies by so taking mental snapshots throughout the day has helped me  (Lori) to remember some of the special moments that took place over the course of the day.  We received our photos and video back from our photographer and videographer and are thrilled with the shots and footage.

We hope you enjoy them too.


NYC in the cab


Roxy "rockstar"

Roxy “rockstar”




D3Z_2996_ztphoto_13_wedding-toddlori Coal_May_2011 D3Z_3063_ztphoto_13_wedding-toddlori  D3Z_3013_ztphoto_13_wedding-toddlori